The Chromebar hits 1000 Youtube views in a week.

1000 views in 7 days is a big deal to us because by design we don't drive views to Youtube. We have to use our social media reach groups to drive views to a single place and choose from the start to have all roads lead back to our site.


This gives is the ability to see the data in near real time and use our own backend to generate reports for our sponsors , guests and hosts.  While it was tempting to let Google handle all the bandwidth in the end its been much cheaper to develop the needed functionality on our cloud server.


Historically we get over 50 times more views on our site (vs. on Youtube) for the same video becuase all our Facebook and Twitter links lead back to Talkapolis (which sounds vaguely Roman like).  While our backend automatically uploads and tags all our videos to Youtube we don't see it as a viable way to drive views within a week.  However it might need rethinking.


We've been experimenting with automatic Twitter posts that link back to Youtube which accounts for the huge uptick in Youtube views in the health and beauty shows.  Still the vast majority of our users are coming from Facebook directly to our site.


I have to say that Youtube has gotten better about giving stats quickly.  It used to take days to get the number of views whereas not it seems to be nearly real time.

Nashville Fitness and Beauty Roundup: Chrome Bar Part 2