August numbers

Sep 05, 2012

Look at the following images and see what our progress was over the last month.

I’ve just teased out some examples to give an idea. Eugen is going to have to modify Awstats to be more useful at a glance .

Some interesting factoids however…

Our usage went up 5700 % from Aug 1 to Aug 31

It went from 32 mb per day on August 1 to 290 Gigs (on that single day) on August 31st. (1 gig = 1000 mb)

Music Business Week on August 22 (Barry and David ) has had 1600 downloads as of this writing.

The Music Business Daily on Friday (Greta and Kelsey) had 544 downloads on Friday and they watched over half of the show .

Over the ensuing 3 days it has gotten an additional 404 views for a total of 948 views as of right now.

On Friday alone we had between 3700 and 5000 (will have specifics later) individual videos downloaded and on average more than half of each was viewed.