Automatic Messaging Setup Guide

  1. Setup twilio phone number for DS and SEMINARS in Messaging Phones Setup
    a). Be sure that twilio number is configured correctly and all callbacks lead to our server: then
  2. Setup internal email address in Profile
    a). Set auto-forwarding of internal email address to :
  3. If you are using SO booking page be sure that you set up sponsor's calendar in SO interface
    a). Step 1:
    b). Step 2
  4. Be sure that you enabled calendar event for Customer Notifications in SO interface:
  5. Be sure that you set up all needed templates for each event in Messaging Templates (Client Interface section):
    a). Create new template
         i). Method 1:
         i). Method 2:
    b). Template creation:
  6. Enable automatic notifications for webform submissions:

If someone replyed to your notification by SMS you'll see this message in "Answer SMS" section on "Client interface" page:

If someone replyed to your notification by email you'll see this message here: