The areas of service we offer our clients 


The problem we address

Local business owners are made feel that they ‘must’ advertise in the traditional sense, through TV, billboards and newspapers and now SEO, spending their marketing budgets in lump sums, quarterly or annually. The traditional advertisers create a ‘fear of missing out’ it’s driven into every business owner and makes them feel compelled to spend without the promise of a measurable result. In the traditional model the payment for service is not hinged on the result at all. 

Talkapolis has had sucess by flipping this model on it head.


- Pay for delivery only

- Market where consumers are focused today

- Our marketing completes the process from introduction to office visit

- Our seminars have a guaranteed number of attendees

- Latest technology - Facebook Messenger for campaigns and appointment management

- Our focus is on elective medical procedures or products

- User comments are managed - no nightmare scenarios where disgruntled patients misrepresent or competitors seed negative comments.

- Promotion is geographically focused

We are solving the tradition advertising problem by taking our payment for advertising and marketing once the “promise” is delivered. By doing this we are able to set measurable and defined goals for the client. The majority of traditional models take the cash and upfront, the payment is not hinged on the result and when the business owners marketing budget depletes, with little result,  they hear the salesman say “ Well we put your ad in the paper or on that billboard like we said, it’s not our fault they didn’t show up”. 
The Talkapolis solution means the business owners get exactly what they pay for. In short, we have to deliver to get payed. We take on all the risk doing this and find that the business owner learns a lot more about their business and can measure their success by teaming up with Talkapolis. 
Our solution is simple - we focus our clients advertising and marketing content where the consumer is focused - We create digitally social, search and display advertising that is designed to engage the consumer and move them from an introductory educational experience about a product or service to point of purchase. 
There is always a stopping point for traditional media like billboards, TV or newspapers - ‘call here, visit this address or mention this name’ more often than not it breaks down and puts too much responsibility on the consumer. 
Through the Talkapolis content management system, digital footprint and proprietary systems  we are able to create a fluid system for our clients customers from start to finish. We create a seamless process through our Talkapolis Online Scheduling System with zero friction on the path to purchase. 

The areas that are unique and innovative about Talkapolis. 

We have found a niche providing marketing and advertising services to the medical field and in particular elective procedures. Unlike traditional media outlets Talkapolis has a very unique revenue model in that we take a percentage of the product or services sold.  This means that our payment is largely hinged on our results for our clients. 
We have found that our clients respond positively to this new model. There is a sense that we are in the trenches together throughout the individual campaign process and them we are able to share in the spoils of positive results.
All of our marketing and advertising is done with video throughout geographically focused social media networks. Talkapolis owns and operates a number of large geographically targeted social media pages. 
Our secret source comes in the form of really looking out for our clients. Online Comment Management (OCM) has become a key aspect for business growth across the board. 
TalkApolis has developed technology and processes that enable comment threads across all facebook pages and online review sites, that are relevant to the client, to be monitored and reported on. This is an integral part to maximising the campaigns over success. 
All comments generated for the individual campaigns are targeted and monitored from a single management system where they can be monitored constantly ensuring any comments that are detrimental to the clients brand and to the campaign are hidden from the public's view in a systematic manner. OCRM is a key ingredient in in today’s social media landscape and the TalkApolis systems are second to none. We are able to utilize keyword searches across the internet and will be then be notified via email the instant something is posted containing the words selected. We are then able to produce a full report and notify the client of any online reputation activity. Again, We see growth for our company in politics and for health providers in particular where the need for OCM is paramount. 

How our business has pivoted and expanded since we started.

Talkapolis owns and operates a number of large geographically targeted social media pages.  Our network has grown to cover 14 states.  Within those states we cover a number of regional markets.  Covering some 70 regional markets in Tennessee alone.  
This year we have experienced rapid growth scaling from 3 states to 14.  Even though the core of our company and it’s mantra remain the same we are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and test ourselves in new markets. We are currently in negotiation with additional states and a large multi national company that could make our brand a household name. 
Our revenue has increased 400% from this time last year and that trend is continuing. We have increased our employee base in our Nashville office and contract staff from 4 different countries.  We have come a long way from very humble beginnings 4 years ago and as the market continues to become more digitally driven our growth forecast could place us a market leader in digital marketing and advertising for elective medical procedures in the US.  We have begun the platformization of the Talkapolis model and it should be complete by the fourth quarter this will allow for future growth outside of the US market. 
In addition to the elective medical world we see a big future for Talkapolis in politics. Combining our unique ability to adopt and action new market treads and our Online Comment and Reputation Management systems will be a asset to anyone looking to get out in front of the pack. 

Our vision for the future of our company, and how we will get there.

Talkapolis is built to scale. The future of our company has a national landscape. How do we do it? By already doing it - It is of immense importance that every system and process we do must be replicable with a user-friendly interface. Because of our focus on geographically targeted social media pages we must continue to be aware of the ever-changing social media landscape. Our campaigns are ever evolving to work in with the Facebook and Twitter APIs and Google Adwords. 
We have an extensive content management system (CMS) that enables the management of the social media pages we own and operate. We are able to produce content in house and send it to a number of pages with the click of a button. Our CMS allows us to schedule posts out across our distribution system not unlike a TV Network, we have also developed preparatory technology that enables us to manage social interactions on our campaigns like comments.  This is very important in the next phase of growth for our company when you talk about politics and health providers.
In the past year we have increased our client's, market share, employment and annual revenues to 7 figures. We are committed to the platformization of our model and increasing the value our the company to our shareholders. 

How our company is involved in the community. 

We fund and produce a number of community focused shows in our Nashville office. All of which provide a free platform for locals to showcase their stories, talents or businesses. We have a strong focus on showcasing what we believe be the Nashville culture with two focuses, music and entrepreneurship. Please find links to the shows below.
- The Entrepreneurial Minute - With Dr. Jeff Cornwall and Kane Harrison.  
- Emerging Artists - Showcasing local Nashville emerging artists. 
- Pulling Purse Strings - Showcasing Female entrepreneurship in Nashville. 
- The Entrepreneurial Mind - Showcasing local entrepreneurship and startups.