What is Super LASIK?


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Better Than 20/20 Vision

For the first time you can have better than 20/20 vision. Super LASIK (also known as Topography Guided LASIK) is far more accurate and safer than standard LASIK procedures, for about the same cost.



The procedure is customizable for your specific vision needs. Most people will experience 20/20 vision the following day, and be able to resume normal activities.



Higher Accuracy

Topography Guided LASIK uses advanced laser technology to measure more points on the eye than any other LASIK procedure. Traditional LASIK only measures a small portion of the eye. Topography Guided LASIK measures and maps the entire cornea, providing a more detailed map of the eye and a more precise procedure.



Highest Safety

The risk of any single LASIK procedure is lower than wearing contacts for 20 years. And now with Topography Guided LASIK, the procedure is even safer than before. During the procedure, your eye is tracked thousands of times per second. So if your eye moves, the procedures stops immediately causing no damage.



New York Exclusivity

Dr. Ilan Cohen is the only doctor in the tri-state area that offers this technology. Trust your eyes to the best, and schedule your complimentary consultation today.


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